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Alliance Partners

Our worldwide network assists you with local support coverage.

We believe in taking every opportunity we can to increase global awareness of our products to benefit the safety and operational environment of any organisation.

Essential to Company Growth

We consider our Alliance Partners the fundamental key to our success and growth and believe they make all the difference in our development. Being an Alliance Partner of Air Maestro is a challenging, but rewarding way of improving the safety, efficiency and compliance of organisations across the globe.

Maximising Global Reach

Air Maestro has various Alliance Partners located in the US, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada. They are passionate about improving the safety and operational environment of organisations just as much as us.

Our Professional Partners

Cairn Logo

Cairn Aviation

Cairn Aviation is an aviation management consultancy that services operators and organisations in sub-Saharan Africa. Cairn Aviation’s expertise lies in the realisation of operational control and effective risk management. Cairn facilitates an objective-based approach which is centred upon implementation or development strategies that, within the task-related restrictions of individual clients, ensure compliance with regulations and industry best practice. Cairn has partnered with Avinet as regards to the deployment, in Africa, of Air Maestro.

An indispensable tool in the achievement of management integrity, Air Maestro provides our clients with the capacity to optimise organisational safety, efficiency and quality.

Heli Consulting

Heli Aviation Consulting

From business development, project management, strategic analysis, staffing, to manuals, technical assistance and audits, Heli Aviation Consulting provide solutions for any operation. Their network, expertise and commitment to providing long-term solutions to fixed-wing and rotary global operations is underpinned by their core values in safety and efficiency.

As an authorised distributor for Air Maestro, Heli Aviation Consulting will distribute and implement the software and provide continuous support and training to customers and prospects in an effort to ensure a successful transition. Please contact Francois Millian at for more.

Flite Support

Flite Support

Flite Support is a New Zealand aviation safety management and consulting business established with the stated goal of improving business and safety outcomes for all GA operators. We recognise that no two aviation business are exactly alike and their management can be both difficult and complex in order to get the best results for each organisation.

With more than 40 years of industry experience Flite Support offers expertise in safety Management and Operations using such advanced tools and software such as Air Maestro, so that your organisation and its people are protected as far as practicable from poor safety, operational or financial outcomes.



As a specialist in Aviation Safety Management, Aviarc is focused on assisting air transport operators to meet the requirements for CASR Part 119, 133, 135, 137, and 138. In partnership with Avinet, Aviarc provides affordable Aviation Safety Management and Human Factors training solutions that drive profit, manage accountability, reduce costs, and reduce risk.

Director, Ian Wilson, has 30 years of Aviation experience as a Safety Manager, Investigator, Airline Training Captain on Boeing 737 and Embraer aircraft, General Aviation Chief Pilot, Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot. For more information, please contact

Our Associate Partners


Integrated Safety Support

Integrated Safety Support works with clients in industries that include aviation, mining, emergency services, road transport, oil and gas, the military, rail and healthcare. A professional organisation, Integrated Safety Support provides assistance and expertise to help clients answer key fatigue-related questions such as how to develop a Fatigue Risk Management System and how to design rosters to reduce-fatigue related risk.


Shiftwork Services

Since 1995 Shiftwork Services has been the foremost advisers in New Zealand for organisations that work around the clock. They provide an integrated fatigue risk management service and expertise to organisations that are faced with the unique challenges of the 24/7 workplace.


Clockwork Research

Clockwork Research, based in London, work with organisations of all sizes to develop effective solutions to manage the risks associated with human fatigue. The majority of Clockwork Research’s clients are located in safety-critical industries including aviation, petrochemicals and distribution, as well as those involving shift work and long working hours.



Interdynamics is an Australian-based software and supply chain simulation company with a global reach. Pioneers of the FAID® hours of work fatigue assessment tool, and leaders in the integration of FaidSafe® fatigue management elements in complex system environments.

The FAID® software is based on research done by The University of South Australia at the Centre for Sleep Research, and provides a method of objectively modelling the fatigue levels of staff, based on validated scientific knowledge. To find out more about FAID and FAID Quantum, view the webinar here.



Tracware Limited is a specialist software developer and systems implementer. Their aim is to be the world’s leading provider of affordable, high quality aviation MRO process control software.

Over the past decade they have worked closely with their clients to develop an expansive range of aviation MRO process control software products covering all aspects of the aviation MRO industry, including manufacture and parts distribution. Their customer-base is spread across the globe with sites in Europe, Australasia, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Skynet sm

SkyNet Aviation

SkyNet Aviation is a leading provider of Satellite, 3G & GPS Communications Systems including hardware, airtime, service and support globally.

Based in Queensland Australia, SkyNet Aviation is reaching into space, developing new cutting edge technologies to assist the Aviation, Land Transport, Remote Telemetry, Personal Safety and Marine industries around the world with their services now found on every Continent.

All of SkyNet Aviation's solutions and products focus around transmitting and displaying information in real time.


Airspace Flight Solutions

Airspace Flight Solutions provides Aviation consultancy throughout Australia, working with a range of Commercial Operators to achieve higher levels of procedural efficiency and Air Crew wellbeing. They lay the foundation for enhanced CASA compliance and safety through streamlined solutions in the key areas of Aviation Software implementation & Integration, and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

Airspace Flight Solutions equip an operator to manage their EFB program and integrated software themselves by providing EFB and other specific training for Air Crew & EFB Administrators.

Web Manuals

Web Manuals

Web Manuals offers an all-in-one document management system for the aviation industry. Their solution enables Easier Editing, Structured Reviewing Automatic Compliance Monitoring, and Controlled Distribution of documents and manuals. Being the world leader in document digitisation, Web Manuals set the standard by providing an easy-to-use solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency. With Web Manuals, you become part of more than 20,000 aviation professionals that now write and publish compliant manuals with ease.