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Air Maestro

Designed to give an operation control of core operational and safety information.

Aviation management software for any operation

The cloud-based software has been developed so pilots, crew, maintenance personnel and other staff can effectively manage business operations and achieve regulatory compliance. Furthermore, Air Maestro enhances safety practices through the integration of safety, operational and fatigue management modules.

Designed with an intuitive interface and accessible on a range of different platforms

The Air Maestro app allows users to submit incidents on a customisable risk-based safety report form, regardless of internet connectivity. The app eliminates paper trails and consolidates data into one platform, removing the associated potential data entry errors caused by manual entry.

The app is supported across desktop, tablet and mobile devices using both iOS and Android Platforms.

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Discover how Air Maestro can help your organisation

Safety Management

Used by leading providers in aviation, transport, health sectors and more, Air Maestro is a cloud-based and customisable software solution that fully integrates SMS requirements into one centralised system.

Air Maestro proactively addresses the four pillars of safety, decompresses the complexity of safety systems/processes and empowers employees in the working environment.

Resource Planning

The efficient management of personnel and aircraft is fundamental to the success of any aviation business. Integrated modules such as work practices, recency management, timesheets and rostering support the deployment of resources by allowing personnel and relevant managers to monitor compliance and ensure personnel recency requirements are current.

Operation Control

Air Maestro provides you with the ability to effectively manage and monitor personnel and resources. Track information relating to personnel contact details, your fleet of aircraft, base locations and landing sites in a single repository. Simplify the recording of flight information, to reduce operational errors and save your organisation valuable time.


Air Maestro reporting capabilities allow you to quickly retrieve vital recency, safety and operational information. Create custom reports utilising data from modules such as personnel details, safety events, timesheets, rosters, logbooks and recency with ease. In addition to predefined reports, you can use the reporting wizard feature to set up your own custom safety reports.

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Integrates safety, ops & fatigue

Unique to other SMS applications, Air Maestro includes comprehensive Fatigue and Operational Management modules. Consequently, this prevents the use of disparate systems and integrates all alerting functionality for users in one system.

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Anywhere, anytime technology

Air Maestro provides instant, on-demand access to vital information via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It allows for sensitive and critical data to be centralised and accessed securely from anywhere in the world, at any time.

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Designed with the user in mind

Air Maestro benefits all employees across the organisation. Most noteworthy, our operational and safety software has the ability to quickly and easily create timesheets, validated rosters and verify training items for different departments.

Features & Functionality

Improves Safety Practices

Air Maestro assists to manage safety requirements and promote safety culture across any operation by enabling employees to log incidents, track risks and hazards, and manage trends.


Air Maestro is offered with a high degree of customisability and allows for the addition of fields unique to each operation. Conditional custom fields and tabs can be enabled, that are only displayed when a particular condition is triggered.

Offline Functionality

No internet? No problem. The Air Maestro app allows users to lodge incident reports without internet connectivity, with functionality to sync the data once internet connectivity is regained.


Air Maestro provides instant, on-demand access to vital information via an intuitive, easy-to use interface. Sensitive and critical data is centralised and accessed securely from any modern internet browser, anywhere in the world at any time.

Modern Design & Accessibility

Install the Air Maestro app on the home screen of any tablet or mobile device to effortlessly access vital data through a modern and intuitive interface. User data is stored after every session and easily accessible using a 4-pin code.


For optimal viewing, the Air Maestro app is designed to dynamically scale to suit any screen including desktop, tablet and mobile device across both Android and iOS platforms.

What else is included?

Major releases include many new aviation software features and enhancements and occur at least two times per year

Above all, our dedicated helpdesk team provides first-class customer service from enquiry to resolution.

Refresh your skills and advance your aviation software product knowledge with step-by-step guides performed by support staff.

Tailored online training sessions can be performed via GoTo Meeting technology for small or larger groups. Furthermore, if face-to-face training is more your thing, we can travel to your premises or you can visit our office.

A dedicated project manager and project team work closely with customers so as to ensure smooth implementation of your Air Maestro site.

The Maestro newsletter keeps you in the loop on all the latest aviation software features and developments of our team and software.

The app is available at no additional charge for existing Air Maestro customers who are subscribed to the safety modules.