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Air Maestro x Web Manuals Integration

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A new way to edit documents is just one tap away

We're thrilled to announce that Air Maestro has partnered with Web Manuals to facilitate easier document authoring through the launch of a new integration feature.

Web Manuals offer an all-in-one document management system that enables easier editing, structured reviewing, automatic compliance monitoring and controlled distribution of documents and manuals.

With this new integration feature, users can take their document management to the next level. Through the integration feature, users can:

  • Seamlessly view and edit existing documents/folders in Web Manuals via mirror-mode
  • Create new documents/folders when viewing in mirror-mode
  • Link to Web Manuals directly via ‘Open in Web Manuals’ option
  • Control access to documents/folders via permissions

The new integration feature is now available on the Web Manuals store. Send us an enquiry below to find out more.

Webinar + Q&A

Our experts hosted a live demo and Q&A of our integration on the 12 September. The team take you through everything you need to know for this upcoming feature integration.

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