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Air Maestro x FAID Quantum

The practical and proven solution for managing fatigue effectively.
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A robust tool for fatigue assessment

Powered by our Alliance Partner, InterDynamics, the FAID Quantum Software is a tool that assists organisations to manage fatigue among their employees. The cutting-edge software meticulously analyses data to precisely identify instances of worker fatigue, facilitating the planning of work hours. Its efficacy is evidenced by its widespread adoption and success across a spectrum of industries including aviation, mining, and healthcare.

FAID Quantum can predict sleep patterns accurately, set limits on how tired workers can be, and even adjust for time zone differences. The tool is based on scientific models that give a detailed understanding of fatigue and offers flexible options like inputting real sleep data and reviewing external results. The tool is a practical, proven, and affordable solution for managing fatigue effectively.

Webinar + Q&A

InterDynamics Managing Director, Peter Page, and our Product Manager, Nina Wedding, hosted a live demo and Q&A of the FAID + FAID Quantum tool on the 21 March. To view the webinar, click the button below. Please sign up via the form below to access a full Q&A version of the webinar.

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About InterDynamics

InterDynamics is a prominent provider of decision support and risk management methodologies and software. Their services include Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Solutions, which assist businesses in identifying, assessing, and managing the risks associated with work-related fatigue at operational and management levels. Pioneers of the FAID® hours of work fatigue assessment tool, they offer a comprehensive Risk-Based Approach to managing fatigue, aiming to enhance safety and productivity within organisations.