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Air Maestro App

Managing operations & safety culture when you have no internet connection.

How Does the App Work?

Designed with an intuitive interface and accessible on a range of different platforms, the Air Maestro App revolutionises the entry of critical safety data. Operators can capture all types of safety data offline, eliminating paper trails and the associated potential data entry errors caused by manual entry

Users of the app can submit hazards and incidents on customisable risk-based safety report forms, complete check forms, and submit electronic forms (such as patient records) without an internet connection. The app also enable users to conduct audits and view scheduled tasks and rostered shifts in a calendar format. The consolidation of data into one platform simplifies reporting and trending for any operation.

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Benefits Remote Pilots & Crew

The app’s offline capabilities make it possible for pilots and crew who operate in remote areas to complete their data on the app and submit the information to their company’s Air Maestro site when internet connectivity is regained.

The app is offered with a high degree of customisability and provides operators with the flexibility to capture additional information that may be specific to their operation.

Find out how to install the app if you are a current Air Maestro user.

Features & Benefits

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Hazard/Risk Register

Submit hazards and incidents on customisable risk-based safety report forms.

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Check Forms

Authorised users can complete check forms via the app and queue them for automatic submission when internet connectivity is regained

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Create custom forms to capture information relevant to your organisation and/or digitise company forms, allowing personnel to complete and submit forms from the app to their Air Maestro site.

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Audit Management

Conduct audits and view scheduled tasks and rostered shifts in a calendar format.

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Improves Safety Practices

Air Maestro assists to manage safety requirements and promote safety culture across any operation by enabling employees to log incidents, track risks and hazards, and manage trends.

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Air Maestro is offered with a high degree of customisability and allows for the addition of fields unique to each operation. Conditional custom fields and tabs can be enabled, that are only displayed when a particular condition is triggered.

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Offline Functionality

No internet? No problem. The Air Maestro app allows users to lodge incident reports without internet connectivity, with functionality to sync the data once internet connectivity is regained.

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Air Maestro provides instant, on-demand access to vital information via an intuitive, easy-to use interface. Sensitive and critical data is centralised and accessed securely from any modern internet browser, anywhere in the world at any time.

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Modern Design & Accessibility

Install the Air Maestro app on the home screen of any tablet or mobile device to effortlessly access vital data through a modern and intuitive interface. User data is stored after every session and easily accessible using a 4-pin code.

Where Can I Access the App?

The app is available at no additional charge for existing Air Maestro customers who are subscribed to the safety modules. To find out more, please email us using the form below.


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