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Air Maestro App

Managing operations & safety culture when you have no internet connection.

Access and submit critical data on the fly

Designed with an intuitive interface and accessible on a range of different platforms, the Air Maestro App (PWA) revolutionises the entry of critical safety and operational data. Operators can capture all types of safety and operational data offline, eliminating paper trails and the associated potential data entry errors caused by manual entry. The consolidation of data into one platform simplifies reporting and trending for any operation.

The App was initially developed to address the specific needs of aeromedical and government clients who required a seamless safety reporting system that could function without internet connectivity - especially during flights. Today, the extensive functionality of the app enables users to complete check forms, submit electronic forms, conduct audits and view scheduled tasks in a calendar format.

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Why PWA?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) offer significant advantages for users. They load lightning-fast, even on slow connections, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience. Unlike native apps, PWAs excel in offline support, crucial for users who need to access and submit data without a reliable internet connection. Their modernised architecture contributes to a smoother experience, eliminating delays in tasks such as custom field processing and report tab switching.

The PWAs responsiveness extends across device types, allowing users to access and utilise it seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This versatility, coupled with a responsive design, enhances user-friendliness compared to traditional desktop apps.

Features & Functionality of the App

Login Screen

The login screen mimics the native app, featuring an initial entry for username and password. Once saved, a convenient PIN option streamlines future logins to the application. The system ensures a balance between robust authentication and user-friendly convenience, prioritising efficiency and security.

My Schedule

The Scheduling module offers a quick overview of scheduled tasks and rostered shifts in a calendar format. A sleek, view-only interface ensures simplicity; no editing capabilities allow a straightforward, "what you see is what you get" experience. Task details remain secure from inadvertent changes, maintaining accuracy. It exclusively displays the individual users’ schedule, providing a personalised snapshot of upcoming commitments.

Safety Reports

The Safety Reporting module simplifies the process for users to submit and manage hazards and incidents on customisable risk-based safety report forms. Accessed through the side menu, users can view their in-progress reports and initiate new ones using the Create+ button, offering various report types. The displayed report types align with the user's access, and a search bar facilitates quick navigation for those with numerous options.

Enhancing user convenience, individuals can designate favourites for frequently used report types. Local saving capability allows users to store reports in progress, enabling interruptions without data loss. Detailed report input covers risk assessment, event details, and custom fields with validation. As the PWA supports offline usage, pending reports can be saved in a queue, with automatic syncing when online. Users can manually refresh the queue list, ensuring data integrity.

This safety reporting module offers a robust and flexible solution, offering quicker response times during live report submissions and promoting accessibility and reliability in safety reporting processes.

Audit Management

Plan, schedule and manage all audits in a centralised system. Once an audit is scheduled in the native app, auditors can make real-time adjustments to the audit details and commence the audit in the PWA. Mirroring the native app, users can add comments, findings and associated actions in addition to requesting sign-offs. An audit schedule provides a comprehensive view of ongoing and scheduled audits, with filters for status, class, area, and date range. A legend offers a quick overview of audit statuses. The flexible module provides a visual representation of audited items, ensuring a detailed and organised audit trail.

Electronic Forms

Create custom forms (such as patient records) to capture information relevant to your organisation and/or digitise company forms, allowing personnel to complete and submit forms from the app to their Air Maestro site. The module ensures efficient and secure data submission, featuring user-friendly form tabs that facilitate effortless navigation. Pilots and flight personnel can easily transition between tabs, enhancing the efficiency of the data input process.

The module also prioritises data integrity by restricting global visibility post-submission. This precautionary measure prevents unauthorised changes, ensuring the reliability of the submitted information.

Check Forms

Authorised users can complete check forms via the app and queue them for automatic submission when internet connectivity is regained. Checklist items are presented with a user-friendly interface, including various control labels and dropdown menus for easy input. The modern interface fosters a comprehensive and user-centric experience for personnel.

Change Requests

Users can effectively digitalise their organisation’s change management process to maintain operational efficiency, comply with regulations and mitigate risk. Users can filter and sort information based on various parameters and capture custom data relating to regulatory compliance, operational procedures, organisational structure and more.

Nominate designated champions, officers, and change teams. Users can define roles per change request type in the native web app global setup. The module features status buttons to advance change requests and these can be sent to third parties like the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) for flight-related matters.

Coming April 2024!

Offline Documents

Store documents on any device. Download and view your documents mid-air. Based similarly on the documents folder tree and grid structure in the native app, the Offline Documents module will then introduce a favoriting system at a later date, where Document Library administrators can set favourites for personnel via a heart icon in the native app, ensuring essential documents are readily available on the PWA with or without an internet connection. This read-only, download-centric structure optimises accessibility and convenience for document-heavy operators.

Valuable Attributes of the App



Air Maestro is offered with a high degree of customisability and allows for the addition of fields unique to each operation. Conditional custom fields and tabs can be enabled, that are only displayed when a particular condition is triggered.

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Offline Functionality

No internet? No problem. The Air Maestro app allows users to lodge incident reports without internet connectivity, with functionality to sync the data once internet connectivity is regained.

Modern design

Modern UI & Accessibility

Install the Air Maestro app on the home screen of any tablet or mobile device to effortlessly access vital data through a modern and intuitive interface. User data is stored after every session and easily accessible using a 4-pin code.

Where Can I Access the App?

The app is available at no additional charge for existing Air Maestro customers who are subscribed to Air Maestro. To find out more, please email us using the form below.


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