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About Us

Our dedicated team is driven to provide our customers with exceptional software so they can operate with utmost safety and efficiency.

Avinet is the global leader in aviation cloud-based software

Directly inspired by local aviation clients and the need for an industry-approved online safety and operational application.

Avinet was established in 2005 to develop Air Maestro. The company has since expanded into other transport sectors, with operational and safety web-based applications Rail Maestro and Road Maestro. Air Maestro is Avinet’s leading product and is supported by alliance partners across the globe.

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We deliver software solutions

Adhering to our core values has been a key contributor to our success.

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Operating in 50+ countries

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Strong relationship with our customers

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320+ happy customers

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Our People

Delivering a personalised service for customers

Avinet has a dedicated team of personnel who place great pride in providing our customers with exceptional service from initial enquiry to implementation and our post implementation support services.

Our Principles

Achieve Safety, Efficiency and Compliance.

Avinet’s key strategy and vision is to deliver software solutions that optimise operational efficiency and reduce safety risks for all our customers. Our business principles are aligned with this strategy and thus we offer very competitive pricing and customised support for all our customers.

Avinet undergoes rigorous recruitment practices to ensure we recruit employees who live by our values.

Our values are embedded in all facets of our organisation and employees are encouraged to reflect on Avinet’s values with each key decision they undertake. Adhering to our core values has been a key contributor to our success.

Avinet believes that our customers have been the foundation of our success

Customer feedback regarding the product and other ancillary services, has enabled us to refine our practices and improve as a company. Thus we are always striving for open and honest customer feedback through a number of different channels. This includes social media, surveys, our ideas portal, user conferences, workshops and email and phone communication.

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