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Public Safety

Air Maestro is used widely across the Public sector, including Police Operations, Air Ambulance/Medical Retrieval and Aerial Firefighting.
Integrated Functionality

A Secure Repository Storing Crucial Information

The responsive nature of this sector makes it incredibly important to have all your important information accessible within the one system. The integrated Document Library stores all of these relevant documents securely, for approved personnel to access when needed

Operational Risk Assessment forms can be completed in Air Maestro before each flight, mission or activity, to determine the risks associated with the task and whether it is advisable to continue.

Customisable Report Building

Supporting Safety Culture in the Public Sector

Should an incident occur in this highly paced sector, this event can be fully tracked in the system from incident to resolution with customisable risk based safety reports. The event can be investigated and analysed in forums to all authorised personnel, prior to sign off. All safety based information and statistics are available to be viewed in Safety Dashboards and reports.

A Selection of Features

Customisable modules & features that can be tailored to your organisation in the Public sector.

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Safety Reports

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Document Library

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Operational Risk Assessment

Trusted worldwide by leading organisations in the Public Sector

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