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Air Maestro's Prageeth scales Everest Base Camp

Prageeth Climbs Everest Base Camp

Air Maestro’s Senior Customer Support Analyst, Prageeth, recently braved high-altitudes and physical and mental exhaustion to climb the South Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

At an altitude of 5,364 meters, the South Everest Base Camp is a small tented village that serves as a staging ground for climbers attempting to summit Mount Everest.

Travelling from Australia, Prageeth began his journey in Kathmandu, where he spent a few days acclimatising to the altitude and preparing for the climb ahead. From there, he then flew to Lukla, where the real adventure began. The climbing trail wound through lush green forests, across streaming rivers and up steep hillsides. As Prageeth ascended higher, he found the air became thinner and the scenery more spectacular.

Everest Mountains and blue sky

Along the way, he visited a number of small towns where he encountered the local Sherpa people, who were willing to guide climbers through the mountains and share their knowledge. The small towns also offered a wide variety of international cuisines - and some of the best food Prageeth had ever eaten.

Despite having no formal training and little preparation besides taking cold showers a couple of months prior, it took Prageeth 8 days to reach the top of Base Camp and 11 days overall to complete the journey.

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The final push to the Base Camp was the most challenging part of the journey. The altitude made breathing difficult, and Prageeth had to take frequent breaks to catch his breath. Regardless of the difficulties, Prageeth says the view from the top was unforgettable and worth the grueling journey.

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“My favourite memory was stopping to take in the beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. I've never felt so small and insignificant but at the same time I felt a real sense of accomplishment”.

Prag at South Everest Base Camp

For Prageeth, scaling South Everest Base Camp and meeting many like-minded climbers from all over the world was a life-changing journey that will stay with him forever, and one he wishes to repeat. He is already planning his next climb to Mount Kinabalu and Island Peak.