Air Maestro Completes Training with Customer, Flight Options

Flight Options Air Maestro Training

Air Maestro Senior Customer Support Analyst, Liam Magee, travelled to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia this week for onsite training with customer, Flight Options Australia.

Flight Options
offer the highest standards of advanced pilot training to meet the demanding requirements of Australian and international customers, including airlines, military, aeromedical and charter. Furthermore, they work with private owner pilots looking to make the transition from propeller to jet aircraft.

They provide a 24 hour service, seven days a week, to major airports and most regional centres in Australia, in addition to charter services to many international destinations.

Flight Options Team Training

Customer Onsite Training

Are you an Air Maestro customer and interested in onsite training? Our friendly team is available to provide you with a range of training options so you can experience the full benefits of Air Maestro. Training can be conducted online, at your premises, or at our Head Office.

We also offer onsite training packages every quarter. We have been providing quarterly Air Maestro Onsite Training at our Adelaide offices since September 2017. Training sessions usually take place over 3 days and focus on Operational topics on day 1 and day 2, followed by Safety topics on day 3.

Head to training to see all the options or email us at to find out more.