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5 New Air Maestro V3.7 Features We're Most Excited About

Air Maestro V3 7 5 Exciting Features

We are elated to announce that the release of Air Maestro V3.7 is coming very soon.

In fact, we are in the testing phase and working very hard to deliver the latest feature developments. Air Maestro is about to get a whole lot better!

In preparation for the launch, here's 5 new features of the upcoming release that we’re most excited about:

1. Change Management - NEW!

We are excited to introduce a new module in the upcoming release. The module can be used to digitalise a company’s change management process and has a similar structure to the safety reporting module but with specific change request terminologies and processes.

As the first module to be entirely hosted in the Progressive Web App (PWA), this module can be accessed offline after logging in to the Air Maestro App, as well as via the desktop version.

2. Scheduling

A new Grouping option called ‘Base Department Resource’ has now been added. In this view it is possible to see the tasks assigned to the resources across a base and a department.

Additionally, when a resource is assigned to a scheduled task, it is now possible to update the roster automatically with a defined shift code and associated shift times. This includes pre and post duty times around the task start/end times.

3. Forms

In this latest version, Air Maestro now has the capability to read and store patient health related parameters directly from Zoll Monitors. A dedicated setup page has been introduced to define the Zoll setup integration.

Additionally, Custom List Fields (such as Drop down list, radio button etc) now have the ability to have a value linked to a colour. This colour will be used to highlight the whole row in the Form Register. This may help identify forms of a particular status of priority.

4. Document Library

You can now maintain a distribution list for each document. This will maintain a record of all intended recipients for the document, the type of the document and the status of the distribution (i.e., the ability to acknowledge the receipt of physical documents as well).

Custom fields have also been added to the document library. There is an additional control also available called ‘Librarian Notes’. These custom fields can be built, edited etc in the Document Library Setup.

5. Flight Records

Previously when editing a flight record, the flight-legs had to be expanded separately. With
this update, the whole record, including the legs, now opens with view/edit.

Secondly, Crew details (Day/ Night Flight Hours) now can be updated from the leg times. This function can be turned on in Flight Record Setup.

Want to see more?

We are pleased to announce that Air Maestro V3.7 Webinars are now open. The first 3 sessions are below:

  1. 12 April, 11am ACST
  2. 18 April, 1pm ACST
  3. 20 April, 9am ACST

To view all 7 sessions and sign up, visit our Webinars & Demonstrations page.