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Cargo & Aerial Work

Managing Risk

Plan & Schedule Organisation Audits in a Centralised System

Using our Audit Management capabilities, Air Maestro can ensure aerial companies meet their contractual obligations across both the private and government sectors. The data contained within the system improves reporting and documentation required during an audit.

This is complemented by the Hazard and Risk registers that are widely used by air freight companies, to analyse the risks and controls for each individual task.

Monitor Compliance

Track Individual & Company Data

Flight and Duty module within Air Maestro creates controls relating to shift and duty hours, as well as rest periods and work patterns for cargo and aerial operators. These are applied to each department or base for these operators in the sector to monitor compliance.

Specific site information for cargo and aerial companies, such as fuel depots, personnel and landing areas for different bases, are contained with the Locations register. This makes it easier to manage facilities and improve the range of operations.

A Selection of Features

Customisable modules & features that can be tailored to your Aerial Work organisation.

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Audit Management

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Hazard/Risk Register

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Flight & Duty

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