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Air Transport

Air Maestro has clients in air transport, ranging from small charter based helicopter and light aircraft companies, to large multi-location and globally based operators.
Manage, Report & Automate

Drive Efficient and Accurate Operational Planning

Air transport organisations use the Flight Records module to assist with scheduling maintenance for aircraft and can also be used for invoicing, when integrated with the Reporting module.

The Air Maestro Recency and Check Forms module assists air transport operators to track and manage their staff, crew and aircraft for required items that are approaching expiration and must be renewed. Automated reminders can be set up to notify individual crew to these upcoming events, or to a department delegate, if the recency is related to a company recency item.

Track Compliance

Effectively Manage Your Air Transport Operation

Ensuring staff and crew are up to date can be done through Courses, or Online Training and Exams. These modules allow training and exams to be created, distributed, marked and recorded, ensuring staff are aware of company standards and are meeting compliance needs.

A Selection of Features

Customisable modules & features that can be tailored to your Charter organisation.

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Flight Records

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Recency & Check Forms

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Training & Exams

Trusted worldwide by leading Air Transport organisations

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