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Agricultural & Resource Management

Air Maestro is used extensively by large and small air operators within the Agricultural sector, in areas such as cropdusting, mustering and stock maintenance.
Globally-recognised regulatory compliance

Monitor Pilot & Crew Safety

Early starts and long distances are common in the Ag sector and this is where the Fatigue Management system provides great assistance to all staff. Through Rostering and Timesheets, Air Maestro can monitor personnel fatigue against internationally recognised fatigue risk modules, including FAID and Prior Sleep Wake.

Our Timesheets module can be customised to monitor work practice compliance, relevant to country specific controls. Pilots or crew can submit discretion reports easily, if controls and exceeded. These timesheets are fully integrated within Air Maestro, to automatically update the electronic log book and eliminate double entry for flight hours, saving valuable time and removing errors.

Offline Capabilities

Air Maestro App

Many agricultural based companies are located in remote areas with little, or no internet connectivity. The Air Maestro Flight and Duty App allows pilots and crew to complete data using an app and then submitting the data to their Air Maestro site when back in range of internet connectivity.

A Selection of Features

Customisable modules & features that can be tailored to your Agricultural organisation.

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Fatigue Risk Management

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Air Maestro App

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