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New FAA SMS Mandates Now in Effect

If you haven't already implemented a safety system, it's time to think about doing so now.

New SMS Mandates Now in Effect

Proposed SMS mandates by the FAA are now in place for Part 135 and Part 145 certificate holders, as well as some air tour operators. The mandate will allow companies to identify and address potential hazards and safety issues early on before they result in an incident or accident. Do you have the right tools to help manage this?

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An end-to-end Safety Software Solution

Air Maestro is our leading Safety and Operations software system used by aviation organisations across the globe.

Using the latest SaaS and cloud technology, Air Maestro has been designed to satisfy a wide-range of complexities faced by operators of all sizes. Air Maestro complies with FAA regulatory standards and provides the tools to help manage these requirements on a daily basis in one integrated software system.

Air Maestro can be used as part of an SMS to proactively address the four pillars of safety, decompress the complexity of safety systems/processes and empower employees in the working environment.

Assisting North American operators to manage their operations and safety culture since 2005, Air Maestro is an affordable option that showcases over 20 customisable modules that enable flight crew to log incidents, track risks and hazards, and manage trends.

Key Safety & Operational Features

Customisable modules & features that can be tailored to any North American aviation operation.

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Audit Management

Plan, schedule and manage all audits in a centralised system, including the assignment and tracking of corrective actions.

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Hazard/Risk Register

Identify and analyse the hazards in your organisation and manage the associated risks and controls.

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Incident/Accident Reporting

Track events from incident to resolution with customisable risk-based safety reports. Interactive investigation forums allow the involvement of all authorised employees.

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Safety Statistics/Dashboards

Set up custom reports to return pertinent safety data. Includes predefined reports which provide an overview of the safety reports in an organisation by category, year and status.

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Electronic Forms

Create customisable online forms ranging from leave applications, safety minute meetings and critical patient records. Establish access controls and sign-offs for each form type.

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Flight & Duty Limits

Create controls relating to shift and duty hours, rest periods and work patterns and apply these to the required departments to monitor compliance.

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Operational Risk Assessment

Create online risk assessment forms which calculate the risk for the applicable activity. Complete operational risk assessments before each flight/mission/activity to determine the risk associated with conducting the task and consequently whether it is advisable to continue the task.

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Training Records

Manage all your organisation’s personnel, company and aircraft training record requirements in one central application. Training Record requirements such as induction, licences and certificates can be setup for each department in your organisation, and then tailored to each user in that department.

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Air Maestro is offered with a high degree of customisability and allows for the addition of fields unique to each operation. Conditional custom fields and tabs can be enabled, that are only displayed when a particular condition is triggered.

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