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New FAA SMS Mandates Now in Effect

Air Maestro helps with FAA SMS Manadate

The new mandates for Part 135 and Part 145 certificate holders, as set out by the FAA, will allow companies to identify and address potential hazards and safety issues early on before they result in an incident or accident.

An aviation safety management system encompasses all four pillars of ICAO’s safety management system requirements. These include:

  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Promotion

If you're looking for the right tools, such as SMS software, to help manage your requirements on a daily basis, here is some features you should be looking out for:

  1. A software system that will consolidate all your administration staff, pilots and aircraft into one system, ensuring you adhere to regulatory requirements relating to SMS, fatigue and compliance.
  2. An intuitive interface that allows you to acquire your data securely in real time, report incidents instantly either online or offline while also increasing personnel engagement.
  3. Customisable safety reports, hazard register and safety dashboards that will allow you to simplify the identification of incidents, risk and safety trends.
  4. Online courses and exams, customised company news dashboards and automated safety notifications that will empower employees to contribute to SMS and company compliance.

Our Air Maestro software complies with worldwide regulatory standards and can be used as part of an SMS to proactively address the four pillars of safety, decompress the complexity of safety systems/processes and empower employees in the working environment.

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