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Air Maestro Welcomes New Customer, Arkaroola Air Services

Customer Spotlight Arkaroola x Air Maestro

We are pleased to welcome new customer, Arkaroola Air Services. Arkaroola offer Scenic Flights above the Flinders Ranges, Arkaroola Sanctuary, Lake Frome and Lake Eyre.

Arkaroola Air Services Pilot, Doug Sprigg, has over 30 years experience flying the Arkaroola skies. Doug is an experienced commercial pilot who has spent most of his life in the outback. Sharing his passion and vast knowledge of the area during the flight, he provides fascinating stories and commentary on the culture, geology and history of each place he flies over.

Arkaroola skies Air Maestro

Arkaroola Air Services are committed to ensuring compliance with Australian aviation requirements and have chosen Air Maestro as a world class solution for their Pilot and admin staff needs.

Working in remote areas of Australia, Air Maestro will ensure that Arkaroola Air Services have up to date information and records that can be relied on.

We're proud to support hundreds of customers around the world and work with them to shape the way business is done globally. We are trusted worldwide by over 330 customers across over 50 countries. Around 12,000 users are logging into the system every few seconds!

We look forward to working with the Arkaroola team for many years to come and welcome the to the Air Maestro family!